Software Industry News

Microsoft calls out Windows “cleaner” products, urges users to make rational, and not “fear-based” decisions

Microsoft is clear that while they do “not endorse the use of these tools with Windows, we do not view them as unwanted or malicious.”

Google to disk vendors: Make hard drives like this, even if they lose more data

Google outlines its wish list for hard disk drives that don't exist today but which would be better suited to its needs in the cloud.

3.2 billion people worldwide now use the Internet

The growth is consistent with previous years. Facebook said the number of Internet users has increased by 200 million to 300 million every year for the past 10 years.

Attackers can turn Microsoft's exploit defense tool EMET against itself

Hackers can easily disable the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), a free tool used by companies to strengthen their Windows computers and applications against publicly known and unknown software exploits.

Facebook officially expands beyond the Like with Reactions

While the "Like" button on Facebook has traditionally been a quick and fun way to respond to a post, the truth is that it's not always appropriate.

The earliest you can receive a PC with Windows 10 pre-installed is July 30

Microsoft has yet to offer a RTM (Release to Manufacturing) version of Windows 10 to PC makers, and it looks like it will be waiting until the last minute to do so. Microsoft's head of Windows marketing has confirmed that PC buyers won't be able to get one with Windows 10 pre-installed on that launch date.

Microsoft shows off new GigJam service for 'getting work done'

Microsoft has been building a new cloud service and light-weight apps, Project GigJam, on the sly for several years. Here's what's under the covers.

Microsoft Signals That It Is Not Abandoning Hardware

In the wake of its embarrassing, multi-billion dollar writedown and associated spate of firings, Microsoft is working to signal that it is not done with hardware.

Facebook's new chief security officer wants to set a date to kill Flash

Alex Stamos, the recently appointed chief security officer at Facebook, has called on software company Adobe to announce an "end-of-life date for Flash." In a pair of tweets sent over the weekend, Stamos echoed a number of recent complaints from the security community that the software has become the vector for just too many hacking vulnerabilities.

Is it Google's job to fix society?

Why does everyone want a search engine company to correct what's wrong with humanity?

Core Linux tools top list of most at-risk software

The CII (Core Infrastructure Initiative), a Linux Foundation effort assembled in the wake of the Heartbleed fiasco to provide development support for key Internet protocols, has opened the doors on its Census Project -- an effort to figure out what projects need support now, instead of waiting for them to break.

Oracle ‘breach notice’ bullies enterprise clients into cloud service, consultant claims

A consultant has claimed that The Oracle Corporation has this year adopted new and aggressive techniques to drive its enterprise clients into adding unwanted cloud options to existing contracts in order to avoid being driven completely out of the Oracle infrastructure.

Microsoft pioneers new 'machine teaching' technology to bring machine learning to the masses

Tech companies are constantly building and testing technology which could cause the next paradigm shift in how the world communicates, creates, and consumes. Many big names including Google, IBM and Microsoft are investing in machine intelligence and machine learning.

Hacking Team claims terrorists can now use its tools

Hacking Team has warned that a devastating data breach it suffered will allow its spying tools to be used by criminals and terrorists.

Microsoft is shutting down its Photosynth, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness and Travel apps

Microsoft has begun notifying users that they will be shutting down several apps that include Photosynth, MSN Food & Drink, MSN Health & Fitness and MSN Travel.

The hottest tech skills for 2015: Security forensics and good old Java

IT job growth is expected to outpace the overall economy, and those with the right skills stand to benefit handsomely

Windows 10’s new browser will have the most advanced features ever

Microsoft is planning to radically overhaul its web browser in Windows 10. Sources familiar with the company’s Windows plans tell The Verge that the new browser, codenamed Spartan, will include a host of new features not found in rival browsers.

Microsoft's advance security notification service no longer publicly available

Microsoft is taking its Advance Notification Service private, claiming the change is due to changes in the way users want their advance security notifications.